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January 5, 2016

Looking Back on the 13th Anniversary of The Station Fire

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the stationThe Station nightclub fire killed 100 people and injured 230 people. The fire was caused by a combination of subpar soundproofing materials and illegal pyrotechnics at a show. Now, 13 years after the fire, survivors and their families gathered at the club lot to remember the tragedy.

Survivors, their families and those who lost loved ones want to see a permanent memorial at the site. The 2003 fire destroyed many lives, and they believe a memorial is important. The Station Fire Memorial Foundation has been raising money to make this dream a reality. Although they are still far from their goal of $2 million, the foundation is already planning the construction process.

Survivors and their families reminisced about the 2003 fire at the temporary memorial built on the lot of the nightclub. They recalled that the Great White band used pyrotechnics during a show that night. They pyrotechnics created sparks that set the sound insulation foam on fire. The foam was used to soundproof the club, but it was of low quality. In addition, pyrotechnics were illegal and should not have been used during the show.

The Station fire shows the importance of using quality material to soundproof a room. The sound insulation foam was used in the ceilings and walls of the Station nightclub. The foam was also used around the stage. This meant that it was easy for a spark to reach the foam and start a fire. The fire only took a few minutes to completely take over the club and trap the people inside. In addition, the smoke from the fire made breathing difficult and hampered escape attempts.

An investigation after the fire revealed that the sound insulation foam was never meant to be used for a room or a club. Instead, this type of foam was best for packaging or other uses. In addition, the nightclub did not have a fire sprinkler system because it was old and did not have to meet the requirements. The combination of these factors led to the tragedy that claimed 100 lives that night. The owners of the club were later charged and fined for the fire.

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