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May 29, 2009

Soundproofing Myths: Dual vs. Single Pane Windows

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Today’s myth: The dual pane window is better than the single pane window as far as sound stopping sound is concerned.

The truth? Not necessarily. In most cases it’s the thickness of the window that makes a difference – not the number of panes. You can have two thin panes of glass that vibrate incessantly or one thin pane of glass. There’s really no difference.

The average home has relatively thin panes of glass in the windows. These same windows usually have very bad seals around the glass. Those who want to see real results would be better benefited by replacing the seals. If that doesn’t work, a thicker pane of glass might do a better job of soundproofing your room.

This isn’t to say that dual panes of glass are bad. They’re excellent additions to a home that wants to be incredibly energy conscious. If soundproofing is your only concern, however, you’re better off simply modifying the glass you already have in place.

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