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December 29, 2015

Soundproofing Hacks that Don’t Really Work

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mattressesNoise is a common complaint from homeowners and renters. The noise from your neighbors, their pets and others can make you miserable. Many homeowners and renters turn to soundproofing their rooms, but some of the hacks they use do not work. If you are thinking about soundproofing your house or apartment, then you will want to avoid the following ideas.

Hanging Pillows

Pillows are not enough to soundproof a room, so you do not want to waste your time or money by hanging pillows from a ceiling. You may also create additional problems because even the lightest pillow can cause damage to your ceiling with the hooks or nails used to suspend it.

Old Mattresses

Similar to the issues with pillows, simply putting old mattresses in a room or leaning them against a wall will not help you. You have to make sure that they completely cover the walls and ceilings to avoid all sound coming inside. This is almost impossible to accomplish because gaps between mattresses are hard to seal. In addition, they are heavy and not easy to work with in a room.


Although it may be an attractive addition, most wallpaper is too thin to provide any type of soundproofing. It is not enough to make a significant reduction in noise. In addition, if you are a renter, you may lose your security deposit by adding wallpaper.

Egg Crates

You may have heard of people trying to use egg crates to soundproof a room. It is inexpensive, but not a helpful solution. Egg crates are thin and allow sound to pass through them. They will not help you soundproof an area in your house or apartment.

Black Paint

There seems to be confusion about heat and sound that has created the black paint hack. Black paint can absorb heat, but it will not help you soundproof a room. The paint is not capable of blocking out the noise from your neighbors or honking cars. The color does not matter because paint is not created to help block sound.

If you are tired of the noise, you do not want to get desperate and make these soundproofing mistakes. These hacks will not work, but they will waste your time and money.

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