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May 13, 2015

What Exactly is Damping?

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green glueIf you are undertaking a soundproofing project, you are certain to hear the term “damping” thrown around quite a bit. Understanding what damping is and what it means will help you know more about the ins and outs of your soundproofing project and the best practices and materials you will need to achieve the best results.

In simple terms, damping is actually the amount of time that is required for a wall, a floor, a surface, or anything else to dissipate or get rid of energy. The faster the energy is dissipated, the quieter it will be, or the lower the amount of sound that can pass through the surface. In short – higher levels of damping means a quieter area for you.

Damping levels can fall into four main categories: Extremely poor, poor, good, and excellent.

The construction of your building combined with the type of soundproofing materials used will play the biggest role in the damping level of your space. Damping compounds are put on a surface to increase the damping of that surface. Green Glue is an example of a popular damping compound that you may have heard of.

When discussing the damping levels, for example, older damping compounds were quite effective but they were probably at a “good” rating level. Green Glue offers an “excellent” rating due to its ability to more quickly dissipate those sound energies.

What makes Green Glue able to do this so effectively? This particular damping compound is known as visoelastic – meaning it has an elastic property that is viscous, or very thick. So it is quite thick while still being very springy.

When it comes to visoelastic materials, there are two types: Extensional and constrained.

Extensional materials are applied by laying it over a surface. For this type of material, the damping occurs when it is flexed or bent. It is much less effective if used on rigid and non-moving surfaces.

For the other type of material – constrained – the damping occurs as it is placed between two layers of rigid material, like a sandwich. This is similar to how Green Glue is used. This type of material is best when it is used in projects and buildings with areas that are non-movable and stiff.

Using Green Glue as a soundproofing material will certainly create a noticeable difference in the end. The damping level will be excellent and you will definitely be pleased with the amount of soundproofing achieved.

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