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April 8, 2015

3 Things You Can do to Soundproof Your Apartment (when Your Landlord Won’t Let You Do a Real Soundproofing Job)

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sound4If you are living in an apartment, you can get a little annoyed at noise from the world – and other tenants – outside. If your landlord won’t allow you to do a real soundproofing job on your living space, you will have to come up with some ways to shut out the noise without making permanent changes to the structure. Check out these easy tips to help you reduce noise in your apartment while keeping your landlord happy.

Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows are the usual suspects when it comes to noise intrusion. Check the seals around the windows and doors and replace the caulk, weather stripping, and thresh holds if they are worn or simply not there. Add thick draperies over your windows to reduce some of the noise that manages to come in from the outside.

Make Use of Area Rugs

Large area rugs can help dampen the general noise of moving around your apartment. The rugs can absorb the sounds of walking, moving furniture and other noise that can bounce around through the apartment. You can even put down a vinyl pad or rubber underlay underneath each rug to help increase the amount of sound absorption and noise reduction.

Be Mindful of Shared Walls

If you share walls with other residents in your apartment complex, you may notice that these walls carry more sounds. To keep your neighbors happy, try not to put televisions and stereo speakers against shared walls. If shared walls are a serious issue, you might consider adding a decorative panel that includes a piece of foam insulation to the wall to help reduce the noise.

While you will be limited to temporary and non-construction solutions to soundproofing your apartment, it can be done with a little creativity. Even a small amount of noise reduction can give you some added peace and quiet while you are enjoying time in your own home.



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