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December 3, 2014

When Airport Soundproofing Systems Fail

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sound4A Chicago family is still angry over a runway expansion at nearby O’Hare Airport. The Mulcrone family were flabbergasted when the new runway brought hundreds of jets over their Jefferson Park home, rattling windows and making sleep and normal conversation almost impossible.

After scrimping and saving their money for several years to renovate their home, that money had to be put to a different use. The family hired a Chicago area soundproofing company to add extra glass to the windows of the children’s bedrooms and the living room, a second drywall layer and an adhesive known as green glue that was designed to absorb and deaden sound coming from outside the home.

In all, the Mulcrone family spent $15,000 to make their home quieter and more livable in the shadows of the jet planes that fly over all hours of day and night.

Before paying out their nest egg, the Mulcrones contacted the airport’s Noise Compatibility Commission for help. Unfortunately, the only help that group was able to offer was advice that the family could be eligible for soundproofing subsidization after the year 2020.

What could the Mulcrones have done differently? While it is likely they would have had trouble selling their home and moving as new owners would also not be fond of the noise, that was an option. The Mulcrones liked their neighborhood, though, so they decided to figure out a way to make it work.

It is possible that they could have saved money by doing the soundproofing on their own instead of hiring a company to do all of the work. At the same time, soundproofing is a project that you want to ensure is done correctly for the greatest benefit. With that in mind, the project may have been money well spent to hire professionals for the job.

Either way, it is sad that this family had to spend their money on making their home quieter and were not able to receive financial assistance from the airport for the project.

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