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October 29, 2014

San Antonio Airport Makes Progress with Sound Control

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san antonio airportResidents of San Antonio are enjoying a much quieter life these days. When the San Antonio International Airport was first built in the 1940s, it was away from the city. As urban sprawl occurred, though, the city surrounded and overtook the airport, leading to plenty of noise for residents.

Over the past few years, though, the airport has taken steps to improve the soundproofing in buildings around the airport. The airport has provided acoustical treatments to schools, religious facilities, homes, apartment buildings, schools, nursing homes, and a library. How was the soundproofing funded? A fee was added to airline tickets to cover the noise reduction.

Other changes that have come into play to quiet down the noise included quieter engines for airplanes and changes in the takeoff and landing patterns of planes.

If you are needing to improve some of the soundproofing in your own home, it is recommended that you start with windows to quiet down outside traffic noise — or the noise from a nearby airport.

You might think that the noise is coming through the walls, but in reality it is windows that allow most of the outside noise to come inside. There are a few tricks you can do to your windows to help keep the noise out.

Single pane windows will allow the most noise inside. If new, dual paned windows are not an option right now, then work with what you have.

Seal around the cracks to ensure your windows are closed tightly. Use weather stripping to ensure a tight fit and good closure. Sound can make its way into your home through even the smallest opening. If you have windows that are never opened and are not necessary for emergency exits, consider caulking around them to provide a good, tight seal.

Another cheap option that will also provide a little more energy efficiency to your home are plastic sheeting kits for your windows.

None of these options are foolproof, but they are quick and easy remedies that you can easily do on your own to help keep the noise outside.

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