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October 22, 2014

How to Soundproof a Kennel

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It’s very important to have a place to leave your pet when you go on vacation. I remember taking our dog to our favorite kennel when I was a kid. I remember the place being very nice and I know the animals were well cared for. The thing I remember the most, though, was how incredibly noisy it was — even in the front office! I imagined the dogs never got any peace and quiet and I guessed neighbors who lived within earshot didn’t either.

Soundproofing would have helped the kennel owners run a much quieter place. There are some solutions that would have made a world of difference in the kennel. Soundproofing would have made sure the walls, floors, and ceilings could absorb and reflect sound and kept it within the room so it wouldn’t bother anyone outside.

If you are needing to do a kennel soundproofing project like this, you would start with the walls and ceilings. Noise dampening compound like Green Glue should be used to start with. You would apply it to the first layer of drywall. The finished wall could then be covered with waterproofing material to protect surfaces from moisture from animals or hoses.

The floors would be a little bit trickier to deal with. Most kennels have concrete floors that cause a lot of sound vibration. You could cover the floors with Green Glue then a layer of drywall followed by a layer of linoleum to create a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned or hosed down.

Keep in mind that soundproofing only cuts down the amount of noise you hear — it doesn’t eliminate it completely. Workers and clients in the front office at your kennel will be appreciative of the reduced noise, but Fido and Fluffy are still going to be barking. Those barks won’t reverberate off the walls and ceilings at much, though. You can get your work done in a much quieter environment and without a headache!

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