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October 8, 2014

Have You Seen the New Toyota Aygo?

Filed under: Automobile Soundproofing — Deborah Dera @ 7:15 am

toyotaHave you gotten a good look at the new Toyota Aygo? This little car is called a “Crazy” and maybe that name is just perfect. With an appearance that is basically a city car front end and an MR2 back end, the Crazy sports a turbocharged engine packed with 200 hp. From one end to the other, this little car is, well, crazy!

It has a stiff suspension, unassisted steering and brakes and comes equipped with racing harnesses. It’s not exactly a family car (where would you put the kids?), but it’s fun for a ride on your own. It’s a tiny package, but the Aygo Crazy is one to be reckoned with.

If you’re hoping for a nice quiet ride, though, the Aygo Crazy isn’t it. There is very little in the way of soundproofing with this car. There is actually not firewall between the passenger compartment and the engine compartment. What does that mean? Noise. Lots of noise coming straight from the turbocharged engine.

Overall, we think the Toyota Aygo Crazy is a cool car. It could be a good embodiment of that saying “Dynamite comes in small packages.” Of course, we would love to have this car with a little more soundproofing and a little less road and engine noise, but you can’t have everything. Perhaps future versions will quiet down and make driving it a little less strenuous on the ears. We shall see!

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