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October 1, 2014

Do I Need a Floating Wall?

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There are many questions that condo owners have concerning soundproofing. Essentially how to soundproof a condo is the same as how to soundproof any standard home that is already finished. Yes, there are different approaches to soundproofing a home that is being built and one that is already completed. Because condominiums are already built, and in very close quarters to one another soundproofing can be a challenge but one that is worth the effort.

The first step is to check your walls. Drill a small hole in an inconspicuous spot so that you can insert a wire hanger to determine if you have insulation. In instances of condos without insulation you may want to have professional cellulose insulation injected into the walls. This insulation is good for maintaining your interior home temperature and saving on heating and cooling bills, but also helps with overall noise reduction. If your main goal is simply sound proofing you may want to skip the expense or drilling and blowing to remove the drywall and re-do it with standard R-11 or R-19 fiberglass batts.

Once insulation is installed you have the opportunity to make a floating wall with a new layer of drywall. Keep in mind that before you tackle this project you will want to consider the cost and labor of creating a floating wall in comparison to your sound/noise concerns. If you want peace and quiet and are willing to spare no expense to achieve this goal then you will definitely want to continue with this project. This is ideal for people who are extremely sensitive to noise. You will begin to feel a sense of peace when you see Resilient sound clips and hat channels on the wall even before the drywall is hung.

If you are simply looking to have some privacy and not feel like you are sharing a home with your neighbor you can skip the floating wall and go for the more cost effective less laborious project of insulating and restoring the drywall.

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