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September 17, 2014

Plainfield Residents Complain about Gun Ranges

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shooting rangeIn a unique situation residents in one state are bothered by the sounds from a gun range located in another state. The Hammond Cove Shooting Range in Hartland, Vt. has recently taken steps to help muffle the noise that is bothering their New Hampshire neighbors by placing a 10-foot wall between the range and the Connecticut River. Residents across the river say that this is not sufficient. If you have even been swimming and noticed just how loud childish squeals can be you can understand how the river makes the sound of the shooting range seem all that much closer.  When shooters have their backs to the river and shoot toward large earthen berms the sounds ricochet back to the river and into the homes of the residents across the border. It probably sounds as if there is a gunfight going on just outside the windows!

There are limited sound proofing or sound deflecting options for an outdoor shooting range. Maybe it is time for the residents of Plainfield to look into soundproofing their homes. There are a few different options that can be used alone or in conjunction with other methods.

  • Well insulated walls, the use of putty pads and cellulose are all used to absorb sound.
  • Decoupling is a practice that is best used when drywall is being installed. This places resilient sound clips between the drywall and the studs.
  • Dampening the walls helps dissipate the sound waves by placing a compound between two layers of drywall.
  • Door made of solid wood and door gaskets will help keep unwanted sounds and weather out!

Whether you are dealing with the sounds of a nearby gun range or just the sound of traffic outside you can take steps to soundproof your home. When you soundproof you won’t have to worry about missed sleep because of your son’s garage band or the loud neighbors.

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