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August 13, 2014

Soundproofing for Animal Control?

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kennelThe story in Morgan, WV is slightly different than you’re used to seeing. While most people are complaining about music and nightclubs, residents in Morgan had a different problem – the busy nature of the animal control shelter.

The issue of noise in the animal control office was addressed during the Morgan County Commission’s July meeting ¬†and the facilities director was given the task of exploring their options. After another member visited a farm and saw the use of soundproofing foam, they suggested it also be used for the animal control building, which is largely constructed of metal.

And so it was done – soundproofing foam. In most cases, this wouldn’t be our absolute favorite choice, but you have to adapt to the materials you’re working with and the type of environment you’re fixing. It could become incredibly difficult and damaging to try to attach Green Glue and drywall to metal walls, so the foam was really a good solution.

Regardless, it seems to have helped and the total cost of coating the entire interior of the kennel was only $2,300. For a commercial building/venture, that isn’t too bad at all.

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