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November 4, 2014

Green Glue Discounts

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Special discounts now apply on orders of 3 or more Green Glue Tubes or Green Glue 5 Gallon Buckets. Just add the desired amount of cases or buckets to your cart and your Green Glue Discount will automatically be applied, no Green Glue Coupon needed. The more you order the larger the discount. Five cases will be Cheaper Green Glue than buying three cases and so forth. At Trademark Soundproofing we are always looking for ways pass on savings and discounts to our great customers.

Click here to go to our Discounted Green Glue Page.


November 23, 2010

Soundproofing Tape

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So Does Gasket Tape work as far as decoupling or being that it has screws going through id it defeats the purpose. here is some talk about it http://techtalk.parts-express.com/showthread.php?t=221311. Additionally it is one if the least expensive soundproofing materials so you are nor risking that much and it can only benefit you. The bottom line is the less the drywall is directly connected to the stud and the more resonance the drywall has, the better your sound control projects will be. The Soundproofing Joist Tape gives you both of these benefits and for the price is definitely a minimum that should be done if you are not looking to do much else.


July 26, 2010

Soundproofing a Drum Room

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The other day we read a post on Home & Garden asking about how to soundproof a drum room. This particular individual has a drum room in his converted garage, which just so happens to be beneath the living room. He needs to soundproof the roof.

Do you have a similar situation?

Here’s the deal. Egg crates are not good soundproofing solutions. They aren’t effective because they are porous, allowing sound to pass through. Even those on a budget should consider soundproofing with a simple combination of Green Glue and drywall.

Soundproofing the roof of the garage he’s using as a drum room should be relatively easy. All he has to do is apply the Green Glue to the roof, screw on the new layer of drywall right over top of the old, finish the seams with acoustical caulk, and refinish the ceiling. His parents will never hear him practice again.

November 23, 2009

Using Drapes in the Bathroom

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Are yo looking for an innovative way to add additional sound control to your bathroom? Most people with windows in the bathroom have a set of small blinds hanging but what they don’t realize is that blinds don’t afford as much privacy as they are originally led to believe.

Why not replace those old blinds with a set of heavy fabric drapes or shades? The heavy materials have added soundproofing qualities and will ensure you have optimal privacy while using your bathroom.

Not into leaving the drapes drawn all day? Try using a combination of both blinds and drapes. You can pull the drapes or shades down while you shower (for privacy) but can leave the blinds cranked open during the day for added sunlight! It’s a win-win!

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