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January 18, 2017

Active Noise Control

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Use the Acoustirack active noise control enclosure to keep your equipment such as computer servers, lab machines etc, quiet while protecting them from overheating. Fans are located at top and bottom of the enclosure to ensure that air movement thru out the Acoustirack enclosure keeps cool. The patented Active Noise Control from Silentium ensures that the noise of the fans and the noise that can pass through the fan openings are not heard.

May 13, 2016

Clear Vinyl Window Sound Control Panels

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We are excited to announce the addition of the clear vinyl see through window panel. This allows you to leave your panel in place if you would like the light coming through your window and/or want to be able to look out while at the same time blocking sound coming through the window.

This joins the line of our wildly popular window panels used to block light and sound in a variety of colors. Check it out over here. Clear Sound Control Window Panel.



April 3, 2016

Is there a more despicable person than Mitt Romney?

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I and many others voted for him last time around. However seeing his true colors now I am glad he did not win. As bad as President Obama is, I still prefer him over this back stabbing phony Mitt Romney.

Here you have a friend Donald Trump who not only campaigned for you, he opened his home for you! Called his friends raised millions of dollars for you, made robo calls for you. How do you go afterwards and publically come out and say nasty things about your friend and campaign wit his competition and do anything possible to stop him from reaching his goal?! Disgusting is the only word I can think of describing this goof ball Mitt Romney. Even his campaigning is so blatantly deceitful that you thing to yourself has he no shame at all? In Ohio he campaigns for John Kasich than he turns around in Utah and campaigns for Cruz saying a vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump. In essence Mitt is saying I really don’t want Kasich nor Cruz to win I just want to do whatever I can to impede Donald Trump and the fool voters listen to him?

When he was running they were talking about his kindness “the Mormon way” well if this is the Mormon way then it is no wonder that Lyin’ Ted received all those Utah votes.


March 1, 2016

Is there a bigger Con Artist than Marco Rubio?

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I have never gone from liking a candidate to disliking them as fast as I did this past week with Marco Rubio.

During the entire “Trump Take down” by the media, candidates etc. one think they kept saying is that Trump is not presidemtial enough while the other canditates are more “Upper Class” “Presidential”.

Suddenly Marco has turned into a Gutter Boy, saying personal disgusting insults that just cause you to cringe and shut him off. While Trump also uses put downs and insults, somehow it is just with a different feel to it, it has class, Marco just sounds like a Low Life.

Marco Rubio in the past week as ripped off his own mask and expose himself as a low street boy and a con artist. It is humorous that he is bashing Trump as a Con Artist. While he was a no show at more than half the Senate Meetings that he was hired by his constituents to attend. Yes taxpayer money is used to pay his salary to do his job.

The meetings that he was busy with were backroom deals that would kill American Jobs be bad for America’s safety as exposed by he ICE agent.

Yet when a man is finally brave enough to stand up and actually put himself in the line of fire for the American people, to restore jobs and safety to the American people. This hypocrite goes on and on about what a Con Artist he is and it is up to him to stop him from taking over the conservative movement blah blah blah.

I hope and pray that  by the end of the day, Super Tuesday, Marco will indeed be left with just his pick up truck and let him drive around and yell until he his hoarse as he has said by his rallies.


February 24, 2016

Super Bowl 50

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Super Bowl 50 was dubbed “One Man Looking To Cement His Legacy and One Man looking to begin His Legacy”

Well, neither happened. Peyton did not cement his legacy for anyone watching the game (it may help him when people look at his career and see that he won 2 Super Bowls) he actually did nothing in the game just about the same that he did in the horrendous loss two years ago in Siper Bowl 48. The worst part of it is when he sits there behind center barking orders and moving people around so you start thinking there is some brilliant plan here and then nothing. For that just keep the game flowing and don’t drag around.

On the other hand is there anyone other than panther fans that are not secretly pleased to see Mr. Superman throw in the towel and not getting anywhere near the end zone the entire game? I don’t think so. Sorry Cam try again.

Bottom line the NFL Hypes, Hypes and then Hypes some more and everyone is just at the edge of their seats for what turns out to be a boring game. Let’s stop wasting our time and not do anything more than just watch the game and don’t give the NFL the pleasure of wasting your time with analyzing predicting explaining etc.

February 16, 2016

Blocking Exterior Sound

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airplaneIn general, noise comes from either the inside or the outside of your home. In some cases, the exterior noise can be more annoying than the interior noise. The sounds coming from cars, airplanes, neighbors, construction and others can drive you mad. If you are trying to soundproof your house, then you may want to consider these ideas to block exterior sounds.

Experts recommend multiple techniques to deal with the noise, but the following four ideas are the most common. They will help you reduce the noise and make your house a peaceful haven. (more…)

February 9, 2016

Floor Soundproofing Alternatives

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floorNoise pollution can be a big problem inside your house. Although soundproofing can help, you may want to think about the alternatives first. You may be able to reduce the noise inside your home with a few simple steps.

Before you start making changes, you have to find the source of the noise in your house. It can range from your kids playing with loud toys to your neighbor practicing his drum solo. After you have determined the source, you can plan to reduce the noise. (more…)

February 2, 2016

Basement Soundproofing

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sound3Your basement can benefit from soundproofing. Although you are probably not thinking about it, your basement can create a lot of noise. This is the area of the house that usually has the washer, dryer, boiler and other appliances. You may also use the basement as a man cave or entertainment room. You can take steps to soundproof the basement and reduce the amount of noise that travels from it.

One of the simplest ways to make a basement soundproof is to install and use the right materials during the construction process. You also want to check the blueprint for your house. If you see two doors that are across from each other, then it is time to make design changes. Two doors that are lined up this way can make noise worse by creating a funnel. (more…)

January 26, 2016

MJ vs LJ

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In last years NBA conference finals there was discussions and some reporters actually felt that Lebron James is the best player to ever play the game even better than Michael Jordan. At the time I thought it was ridiculous and just fro plain watching them play. MJ brought a new dimension to the game, new moves, new fade away jumpers and a beauty of fluidity getting to the basket it was wow to watch him play and even Kobe who followed MJ had that factor. There is no wow in watching LJ play, there is no new moves and fluidity. Is he a good player, yes, is he a great player maybe yes. Is he from the greatest, no.

And here is anther factor nearly after every drive to the basket he comes down complaining to the refs why they didn’t call foul, just play the game. And after losses he subtly blames his team mates. Now if you still think there is an argument take any coach that is older than 45 years old and give them a scenario of their team down by 1 with 6 seconds to play and they have a choice of having LJ or MJ on their time to give the ball too. I don’t believe one of them would choose LJ over MJ.

Finally MJ was a winner and knew how to win with his team. LJ one one ring the 2nd one was barely, the 3rd they were destroyed bys San Antonio and the 4th destroyed by Golden State. In the first 2 games against Golden State  LJ had a chance to hit the game winner and didn’t. This year in the highly anticipated match up of December he missed 2 free throws and shot an air ball in the final minute. I can’t see MJ doing that.

David Blatt should be happy that Cleveland dropped him. Now he has a chance to coach a team where all the players will be willing to be coached and play as a team instead of having to dance around one player. I don’t think LJ wins another championsip.


Air Conditioner Soundproofing

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air conditionerA noisy air conditioner can quickly ruin a fun summer day or night. It is an annoying sound that can also scare pets and drive children crazy. However, air conditioners are a requirement in some locations because of the heat. During the spring and summer, the noise coming from air conditioners drives many people to ask about soundproofing.

Despite manufacturers’ claims that modern air conditioners are less noisy, the owners know the truth. They are still loud and can be heard all over the house. Your closed windows can block some of the sound, but you are confronted by the noise the minute you walk into your yard. In addition, your neighbors can hear it and may be annoyed by it. Soundproofing can help you keep the peace with your neighbors. (more…)

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