SONEX Valueline Panels
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SONEX Valueline Panels


SONEX Valueline Panels provide effective acoustic control across all frequencies at an economic price point.  The subtle, surface pattern on the panels render them inconspicuous in most settings, making them suitable for a variety of interior settings.


SONEX Valueline Panels

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Price: $261.00
Weight 10.00 lbs

Design and Materials:

SONEX Valueline Panels provide effective acoustic control at an affordable price.  SONEX’s microscopic cells and patented surface pattern combine to create a material uniquely suited to absorbing echoes and reducing noise.   With Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRCs) ranging from 0.75 to 1.05, they are especially effective at absorbing excessive sound at the middle frequencies (500-1,000Hz) where unwanted noise and reverberation can interfere with communication.  The subtle, surface pattern on these panels render them inconspicuous in most settings, making them suitable for a variety of interior settings including: restaurants, meeting halls and classrooms. 

SONEX Valueline Panels are made from virtually fire-proof, long-lasting willtec melamine foam which is Class 1 fire-rated for flame spread and smoke density.  Willtec natural also meets the corner burn test UL 1715.  For further information regarding willtec products, click here.

SONEX Valueline Panels can be ordered in natural white or gray willtec, charcoal colortec or HPC-coated color options .  Colortec is a specialized process where the foam is dyed uniformly throughout.  This ensures an enhanced visual appearance when needing to cut down a panel to size for a particular application.  The HPC finish coats and protects the foam from dust and dirt making it possible to wipe panels down with a moist cloth. Premium HPC color options are a water based alternative that does not contain solvents and are more environmentally friendly. 


Sonex Valueline Panels mount easily to any ceiling or wall surface with acouSTIC adhesive.  Separate panels by 1" from adjacent panels for a more uniform appearance.  Valueline panels can be used in conjunction with SONEX Valueline Baffles, which have the same unique surface pattern.  Baffles are double sided and are designed to hang from ceilings in large rooms or open, interior spaces.


  • Manufacturing facilities and industrial assembly areas
  • Classrooms and music rooms
  • Machine enclosure lining
  • Recreational  facilities
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Restaurants and cafeterias
  • Meeting halls

Product Features:

  • Made from fiber-free, Class 1 fire-rated willtec melamine foam (see Product Data Tab for additional information.)
  • Subtle surface pattern, great addition to any interior design.
  • Light weight, easy to install, easily mounts to any wall or ceiling using acouSTIC adhesive (see Installation Tab for installation instructions.)
  • Excellent  acoustic control across all frequencies, NRC ratings from 0.75-1.05. 
  • Conveniently sized panels of 24”x48”, with three thickness options 1 ½”, 1 7/8”, 2 ½”.

Colors and Sizes:

  Standard panels are 24”x48” and can easily be cut down to size on the field.  Choose from three convenient thickness options, 1 ½”, 1 7/8” or 2 ½”.  Panels are available in natural white or gray Willtec foam, Charcoal Colortec or in convenient, cleanable HPC coated colors.  Please see Product Data Tab above for HPC color options and cleaning instructions.

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Please note, images are for illustrative purposes only.  They are not actual photos.  Therefore, actual colors may vary slightly and size may be enlarged to show detail. 

For hanging baffles from the ceiling see our Sonex Valueline Baffle.

Color Options for SONEX Valueline Products:

Color Options for Sonex Products Sonex Premium HPC Color Options

Product Data for Sonex Valueline Products:

Click here for a printable version of our Product Data For SONEX Valueline Panels.

Product Data For SONEX Products

Cleaning and Maintenance Information for Sonex Valueline Products:

For a printable version of Cleaning and Maintenance Information for Sonex Valueline Products  click here.

Universal Cleaning and Maintenance Information:

  • Always wear white cotton gloves when handling the product.
  • Contaminated air and dust particles can penetrate the surface of the open-cell foam material.
  • Prior to starting the HVAC system, remove construction dust from the interior of the building. 
  • Proper supply and return air filtration and regular HVAC filter maintenance minimize soiling.

Natural willtec and SONEX Products:

  • Delicately vacuum or dust regularly. 
  • For discoloration and stains, gently rub a piece of willtec foam over the stained area.  (Only recommended for natural willtec products.)
  • Contact a commercial cleaning service specializing in cleaning acoustical panels for a thorough cleaning if required.
  • The surface of the foam can also be VERY LIGHTLY dusted with a matching latex-based spray paint.  Applied properly, ONE light coat of matching spray paint- flecks of the natural surface should be visible- will have little effect on the acoustical properties. 

HPC- coated willtec and SONEX Products:

  • Spray clean, soft cloth with a general-purpose glass and surface cleaner.  Squeeze excess cleaner from cloth prior to treatment.  Carefully wipe away smudges.  DO NOT rub aggressively.
  • AVOID excessive moisture and NEVER soak product with water - damage to the HPC coating or substrate can occur. 

Proper installation, regular maintenance and adherence to the manufacturer's instructions are essential.  The above recommendations are intended for standard installations.

For a printable version of our Sonex Valueline Installation Guide click here.

  • Wear clean cotton/canvas gloves to handle panels for installation.
  • Insure both sides of the panel and the surface to which the panels are being applied are dust and dirt free. If adhering to a metal surface use a degreaser.
  • Cut end of adhesive tub to produce 1/4" bead.
  • Apply a 1/4" bead of adhesive around the perimeter of the panel approximately 1" from the edge.
  • Apply a 1/4" bead of adhesive from opposite corners through the center of the panel, creating an "x".
  • Press panel into place and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Pull panel away from the surface for 1 minute to allow adhesive to become tacky. 
  • Press the panel back into position and hold again for 5 seconds.
  • For resizing, use a sharp razor or fixed blade knife and a metal straight edge to cut panels.  For best results, cut panels on the flat side.  
  • Overhead installation may require additional adhesive and mechanical support to ensure a strong enough bond.

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