How to Install / Replace Adhesive Weatherstrip.

Old and ineffective weatherstripping can lead to a loss in productive energy and will prevent your home or office from properly heating and cooling during extreme seasons. With a proper weatherstrip you easily create an environmentally friendlier area by lowering your energy use and utility bills. Additionally, it creates an air tight seal around the perimeter of your door which prevent air waves from penetrating, allowing for a soundproof enviroment.

Replacing old weatherstripping is cost effective and simple. Follow the steps below to revive the seal around your door.


Figure 1 - How to Install / Replace Weatherstrip,

This step applies only if you are replacing a weatherstrip. If you are installing a weatherstrip for the first time, move on to Step 2.

Peel off your old an ineffective weatherstrip, making sure to remove all pieces and any adhesive that is stuck to your frame (see figure 1).


Figure 2 - How to Install / Replace Weatherstrip,

With a wet, soapy rag wash your frame. Ensure that anything that might interfere, i.e. grease, dust and peeling paint, is scraped and removed (see figure 2). Allow your frame to dry completely before continuing.

Note, ideally the temperature of the frame should be above 50° F and below 100° F for the adhesive to adhere properly.


STEP 3: MEASURE HEADER AND JAMB AND TRIM WEATHERSTRIPFigure 3 - How to Install / Replace Weatherstrip,

Measure the sizes of your header (top of your door) and jambs (sides of your door) - (see figure 3)

Figure 4 - How to Install / Replace Weatherstrip,

Trim weatherstrip to appropriate size. Weatherstrip can be cut with a household scissors (see figure 4).


Figure 5 - How to Install / Replace Weatherstrip,

Beginning with the header, remove half of the protective backing of the adhesive. Attach in place and carefully remove the rest of the backing, while gently smoothing it down in place with your other hand (see figure 5).

Important Note, do NOT stretch the weatherstrip while applying. Use and light and gentle motion while smoothing it.

Once installed, apply firm pressure along the weatherstrip to properly adhere.


Figure 6 - How to Install / Replace Weatherstrip,

Repeat Step 4 above to apply the jamb pieces (see figure 6).

Once all pieces have been installed, test your weatherstrip to make sure they are well applied and do not inhibit proper operation of door. Enjoy your newly sealed door!

Sample Applications:

Teardrop Weatherstrip: (Method 1 is recommended)

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Batwing Weatherstrip:

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