Auralex Sonolite Bass Traps

Auralex Sonolite Bass Traps

SonoLite Bass Traps offer an affordable, high performing, low frequency absorption solution to cure bass issues in any room.  They are made with a highly-absorbent 3" thick Studiofoam-Pro core which is wrapped in elegant velour fabric to blend nicely into your acoustic environment.

  • DIMENSIONS: 3"X24"X24"

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Made in USA

Sonolite bass traps offer a unique sound absorber and bass trap in one panel.  They are corner style bass traps which form a triangle with either two walls or a wall and the floor/ceiling creating an effective air pocket that dramatically reduces bass buildup.  They can be used in either a horizontal or vertical orientation in wall/ceiling junctures, effectively beating bass buildup in room corners which can cause harm to your mixes.  Yields a more balanced listening environment by controlling bass build up and cancellation throughout a room. 

Bass Traps are 2'X2', 3" thick panels made with a 3" core of Studiofoam-ProTM acoustical foam.  They are carefully wrapped in stylish black or tan velour material for an absorptive acoustical panel that accents any upscale environment and modern decor'.  Get the bass control you need without the industrial look of traditional acoustic solutions!  Sonolite bass traps are great for pro-studio, home theaters, live rooms, control rooms or any area where low-frequency sound control and aesthetic appeal are needed.

Sonolite Bass Panels have 45° reverse-beveled edges on two of the four edges so as to mate the opposing walls leaving a triangular shaped air gap behind them.   For wall or ceiling placement, mount the panels flat just like any other absorber panel.  Panels include EX-Stick Pro Mounting Tabs which can be applied either on the beveled edges or on the straight part of the panel for easy installation in either application. 


  • NRC rating: 1.30
  • Easily installed to finished walls with EZ-Stick Tabs without causing any damage or visible blemishes when removed.
  • Available in stylish black or tan velour.
  • Affordable absorption solution for professional and residential settings. 

How To Order:

Panels are available in Black Velour and Tan Velour wrapped Studiofoam Pro. Select the color of your choice to view a color sample in large.  Actual color may vary based on your monitor setting.  It is advisable to order a color sample prior to ordering panels.   Please email us with your selection and shipping address and we will be happy to send you a free color sample.  Panels are sold per case, 4 panels per case.

FREE SHIPPING!  See Shipping and Returns Tab above for more information.

See our Auralex Sonolite Panels for a 1" thick Sonolite option.

Product Data

For a printable version of Product Data for SonoLite Panels, please visit.

Acoustical Performance:

Auralex SonoLite Sound Absorption

Cleaning and Maintenance Information:

Since Studiofoam is an open-cell material, we strongly advise against getting it wet.  Any moisture trapped in the cells can mold and create more cleanliness issues, although it will not affect performance.  For cleaning the foam you can dry dust or use and upholstery attachment on a vacuum cleaner.

Installation Guide

Bass Traps Installation:

For a printable version of Installation for Auralex Bass Traps, please visit.

Auralex EZ-StickTM Pro Tabs included.

1.  Using a level, locate where the panels will hang, in either a horizontal or vertical orientation where walls or walls and ceilings meet (typically a corner).  Use a pencil to mark the final locations on the adjoining walls.

2.  Spot clean the target attachment points on the wall with rubbing alcohol.  

3.  Separate the EZ-StickTM Pro tabs from each other.  Remove one of the release layers from the tab and attach to the rear, mitered surface of the panel just inboard of the fabric edge.  Repeat for the remaining tabs (use 4 tabs per panel). 

4.  Remove the second release layer from all of the EZ-StickTM Pro tabs, align with the locating marks on the wall and press firmly on the front side of the panel, opposite the tabs to adhere to the wall.

Shipping & Returns

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  • Returns:
    • We will accept returns up until 60 days from the date of purchase.  The boxes need to be unopened with no damage and a 25% restocking fee will be charged.
    • Please call or email us to receive an RMA number before returning. No returns will be processed without an RMA number.  
    • We will provide you with a shipping address when giving you an RMA number.
    • Return shipping is customer's responsibility. 
    • If you are shipping via USPS (not recommended) do NOT require signature as we will not be able to pick up your package from local post office facility.
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