AcoustiRack Active 23U with Door Closed AcoustiRack Active 23U with Door Opened AcoustiRack Active 41U with Door Closed AcoustiRack Active Showcase at Mobile World Expo AcoustiRack Active Display used by Nokia Siemens at CeBit Germany AcoustiRack Active Showcase by Compass Net at M.W.G. Feb. 2015 AcoustiRack Active at Intel's Solution Summit 2014 AcoustiRack Active at Intel's International Summit 2014 ASFT - Active Silencer Fans Trays used in AcoustiRACK ACTIVE AcoustiRACK ACTIVE Active Noise Chips

AcoustiRACK™ ACTIVE noise cancelling rack utilizes Active Noise Control (ANC) to reduce noise pollution generated from IT equipment. The soundproof rack dramatically reduces up to 30dBA broadband noise and Embedded ActiveSilencer™ Fans Trays (ASFT) dissipates heat and ensures undisturbed air flow through the cabinet. Fits virtually all standard 19" equipment and accessories. 

Can be used for computer servers, noisy machinery and lab equipment. Used in offices, labs, expo's and more.

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See AcoustiRACK ACTIVE Product Data tab for more technical information.

Noise Control:

  • Noise Cancelling Rack utilitzing ANC (Active Noise Control)
  • Embedded ANC with ASFT (Active Silencer Fans Trays)
  • Up to 30dBA equipment noise attenuation

Advanced Mechanical Design:

  • Save on server room costs and use space more efficiently
  • Easy, secure access
  • Glass door allows visibility of equipment and LED alerts
  • Protects equipment from dust
  • Generic solution for all vendors
  • Varied dimensions
  • High quality and reliable technology

Airflow / Thermal Control:

  • High capacity thermal solution up to 8KW
  • Undisturbed air flow
  • No impact on original server heat dissipation capabilities
  • Inlet air flow through dust filters
  • Designed to prevent hotspot within the rack

ASFT Component Technical Details:

  • Up to 30dB(A) broadband noise reduction
  • Two dustproof fans (each 24VDC).
  • 360 CFM per fan in free air, cumulative airflow is approximately 650CFM
  • Significantly reduce the fan motor in approximately 20dBA & installed equipment noise in approximately 30dBA
  • Anti-vibration soft fan gasket
  • Thermocouple fan speed control - the ASFT™ (Active Silencer Fans Trays) provides the customer with flexible airflow control
  • Dimensions: 4U, 830 L x 445 W mm (2.72 L x 1.46 W Ft)
  • Gross Weight: 24Kg (52.9 Lb)
  • PSU: 24v, 220W
  • Input Socket: DC Connector
  • CE, FCC Compliance


23U Rack:

Useable: 15U
Dimensions (mm): 1140  H x 600 W x 1100 / 1150 D mm
Dimensions (inch): 44.88 H x  23.62 W x 43.31 / 45.28 inches

41U Rack:

Useable: 33 U
Dimensions (mm): 1980 H x 600 W x 1100 / 1150 D mm
Dimensions (mm): 77.95 H x  23.62 W x 43.31 / 45.28  inches

  • Fits virtually all standard 19” equipment and accessories
  • Delivered, Ready to use out of box. Contents include:
    • PDU
    • Redundant cooling with 4 hot-swap-cooling fans
    • Noise insulation
    • Noise killing feature
    • Lockable front glass door

Did You Know:

  • Equipment and products generate noise
  • Noise is pollution; annoying, harmful and reduces productivity and “Quality of Life”
  • Noisy products are inferior
  • Regulations are becoming more demanding
  • Healthy and quiet environment is required for human productivity and creative thinking.
Product Data

Click here for a printable copy of AcoustiRACK ACTIVE Data Sheet.

  ANC - How it Works:

Active noise control (ANC), is a method for reducing unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound specifically designed to cancel the first. A noise-cancellation speaker emits a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase to the original sound. The waves combine to form a new wave and effectively cancel each other out, See diagram below.

how active noise control (anc) works

  AcoustiRack Active Noise Reduction:

AcoustiRack Noise Reduction Chart

  ASFT (Active Silencer Fans Trays) Technology:

ASFT Fan Tray used in AcoustiRack ActiveThe Active Silencer Fan Tray™ (ASFT™) is a fan drawer, designed for assisting ventilation by forcing air into and out of an enclosure, while preventing noise from escaping. The unit is lined with acoustic material and equipped with Silentium’s proprietary noise-cancelling technology which is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noise. When combined with unique high quality acoustic materials this product achieves unprecedented spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum.

  AcoustiRack Active Airflow Charachteristics:

The ARA™ airflow design considerations were made to enable maximum noise reduction by using hybrid means. Simultaneously, the chance of inflicting damage to enclosed equipment is reduced by preventing hotspot and dissipating maximum heat under the constraint of keeping minimum total cost of the rack ownership.

Airflow characteristics of the AcoustiRack ActiveAirflow characteristics of the AcoustiRack ActiveCool air is suctioned in through a fan tray at the bottom of the ARA™. The air is directed to the front of the unit,whereas a cool wall of air is formed and then flows through the equipment to the rear of the cabinet. The newly warm air is emitted out of the front of the cabinet through a second fan tray positioned at the top. This keeps a continuous flow of fresh air through the ARA™ cabinet. The advantages of this design allow the user to place the rack close to a wall, provides high flexibility and saves valuable space.

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