Authorized Soundproofing Contractors

Authorized Sound Consultant Contractor Program (ASPC)

The Authorized Soundproofing Contractor (ASPC) program was created to help individuals all over the United States, looking for qualified soundproofing consultants, advisers, contractors and installers. Our program includes individuals specializing in Radio and TV Studios, Residential and Commercial applications and much more.

Use our referral program, you can be assured that you will be workings with a company and individual that has proven themself to be both knowledgeable and capable to provide soundproofing services to our customers at reasonable prices and top quality workmanship.

Please fill out this form and you will be contacted shortly with a list of local ASPCs that can help you with your soundproofing project.

We have an internal rating system that keeps track of our ASPCs to make sure that our ASPCs our held to the highest standard in the industry.

While our ASPCs work independently and get paid directly, we provide all the material - making sure only top quality soundproofing material is used.

Once the work is completed, we ask you to please respond to our survey to let us know the feedback that is necessary to maintain this program. 

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